Price Checking with Market Force

Competitive Pricing

The Price is Right

What can make the difference between success and failure? As little as a few pennies. Customers have become so price savvy, that they’ll try and buy products if they’re just a few cents cheaper.


You need to not only make sure your products are being priced correctly across your locations, but also understand how they compare to your competitors in every unique market in order to form and reinforce a national pricing strategy that will simultaneously earn market share and drive your bottom line.


We have tens of thousands of merchandisers that are independent contractors, and available to be deployed almost instantly, in any chain, in any state or province. We can collect pricing for competitor stores or products to provide you with the information you need to stay competitive, and be local. It can give you insight into sales or promotions your competitors are running. It can help you keep the pulse of where the overall market is trending. It can even help inform your larger product strategy based on competitive intelligence.


Our price audits go beyond what is given by POS scanner systems. We provide the full pricing picture for each item—promotional pricing, loyalty club pricing, regular pricing, even whether there are promotional flyers or shelf-talkers for targeted SKUs.



  • Competitive SKU price collection at a national or local level for almost any industry
  • Any competitor, any market, any time
  • Sophisticated pricing analytics to quickly identify opportunities to close key pricing gaps
  • The ability to correlate sales results to pricing changes
  • Price modeling to identify the financial impact of pricing changes